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2 unrealistic trades Spurs must try to make in 2022 NBA offseason

The San Antonio Spurs have blown up their roster, but that doesn’t mean they have to be awful this coming season.

After the historic deal that sent Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks, it is crystal clear that the Spurs are committed to a total rebuild of their roster. This was further underscored by the team’s waiving of Danil Gallinari, who’s now a Boston Celtic. Truth be told, there is just no urgency to make any win-now deals for the Spurs, but rebuilding for the future doesn’t have to be synonymous with throwing the white flag and having a disastrous season ahead.

Trading Murray and waiving Gallo actually lessened the guaranteed salary on San Antonio’s books, and it also freed up a roster spot. In fact, the team has around $40 million in cap space to work with right now, and the team is actually under the salary floor of $111 million. That is not a bad thing, but it may indicate the direction this franchise is going.

If the Spurs want to shake things up a bit more, though, pulling the trigger on a trade or two may not be the worst thing on the planet. Unrealistic, sure, but not the worst. The massive cap space actually makes San Antonio an ideal third party in a multi-team trade between clubs that want to move huge contracts. Now, with both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving seemingly on the super team trading block reportedly, some interesting deals might come out where the Spurs would be a bridge or a landing spot for unwanted contracts or better yet, more draft equity.

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Unrealistic Spurs Trades In 2022 NBA Offseason

Spurs get future first round picks from both the Lakers and Nets and Russell Westbrook; Nets get Josh Richardson, Doug McDermott, and Jakob Poetl; Lakers get Kyrie Irving

One interesting remote possibility is for the Spurs to take part in a deal that would send Kyrie Irving to the Los Angeles Lakers. In this case, it would make sense for the Lakers to move Russell Westbrook, but it would not make sense for the Nets to take him in a straight swap, considering Westbrook’s $47 million salary. They also wouldn’t be interested in a future pick from the Lakers, but the Spurs certainly would.

For this to work, San Antonio would need to send Josh Richardson, Doug McDermott, and Jakob Poeltl to the Nets, who would relish having solid role players who can immediately make an impact on top of cutting their salary. They might also potentially complement Ben Simmons, who will likely become Brooklyn’s centerpiece moving forward. The Lakers would obviously acquire Irving to combine with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The Spurs, meanwhile, will get future first round picks and Westbrook. If the Spurs want, they can also buy out Westbrook to remain consistent with their rebuilding framework.

Spurs get a future first round pick from the Nets and Bam Adebayo; Nets get Duncan Robinson, Doug McDermott, and a future first round pick from the Heat; Heat get Kevin Durant

Another possible scenario for the Spurs to dip their toes into the Kevin Durant sweepstakes. There’s no way KD will land in San Antonio, but that doesn’t mean they cannot land another top-tier player. If San Antonio got involved in a three-way trade together with the Nets and the Miami Heat, it might look something like this.

First off, the Slim Reaper himself would end up in one of his choice destinations, Miami. He’d team up with Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry for a very potent big three — at least offensively.

What does Miami lose here? They need to make space for KD’s $44 million salary. This means trading away Bam Adebayo and Duncan Robinson, who has $16.9 million to earn this coming season. Robinson should end up with the Nets together with McDermott and Poetl. They can contribute another interesting variety of skill-sets to complement Simmons.

As for the Spurs, they’ll get an elite big man who’ll anchor their rebuilding process. Adebayo may not be the next Tim Duncan, but his defense-first attitude already makes prime Spurs material.

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