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Lawyers Make Case For ICT In Justice Administration

NNN: A section of Nigerian lawyers and judges have said that the adoption of Information Communication Technology (ICT) has become imperative in contemporary Nigerian legal practice.

This was the top of issues discussed at the 2022 Bar Week of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Otuocha Branch held on Friday in Nkwelle Ezunaka, Oyi Local Government Area of ​​Anambra.

The theme of the week was “The Impact of Technology on 21st Century Law Practice and Justice Delivery”.

Prof. Oguguo Ikpeze of the Faculty of Law, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, who delivered the Keynote Address said the world was advancing and legal practice could not afford to lag behind.

Ikpeze, a life bencher, said although the legal profession was viewed as mundane, known for being traditional and conservative which must be preserved to maintain professionalism, prestige and ethics, it must be made adaptable to change.

She said the topic of discussion was apt pointing out that those who do not want to upgrade to the application of information technology in their legal practice would lose their relevance in this age of technology driven world.

“The impact of technology in the 21st century law practice and justice delivery can never be over-emphasised, technology has come to stay and it has permeated all the spheres of life.

“Technology has made life easy, worth living and a global village. It has also made legal practice easy and made justice delivery speedy and more transparent,” she said.

Rev. Fr Emeka Oraegbunam, a professor of Law and Applied Jurisprudence, said the world was evolving and everything was being done online, including banking which involves money.

Oraegbunam said ICT had become imperative in legal practice and justice delivery because it would reduce delay, improve efficiency, protect the health of judicial officers, increase access to justice and boost confidence of all parties.

He recommended that minimum infrastructure, training and teaching for effective adoption of ICT-based practice while advising the older generation of the bar and bench should make conscious efforts to adapt and be part of the revolution.

Dr Mike Anyadiegwu, a magistrate, said it was important that courts should be upgraded and made amenable to function technologically, adding that the facilities were not available in all courts.

Anyadiegwu said virtual hearing would solve the problem of non-appearance of criminal suspects in court because of insecurity and COVID-19 and should be encouraged and adopted.

“From my experience, it is better we embrace technology because the legal profession being a conservative profession is gradually moving towards technology and we cannot be left behind.

“In order to fast track criminal trial and justice delivery, there is a need for us to embrace technology, that is what is obtained in Europe and America and that is the standard practice available today.

“The system should encourage ICT database for court proceedings, we can’t continue to do everything manually,” he said.

In his welcome address, Mr Anthony Okafor, Chairman of the Otuocha Branch of the NBA, said the program was a unique opportunity to discuss, evaluate and offer solutions to the myriad of issues besetting the profession and efficient justice delivery.

I have congratulated Gov. Chukwuma Soludo for his stride in managing the affairs of the state so far and called on him to speed up the renovation work going on at the state High Court premises, Otuocha for ease of the dispensation of Justice.

“We are equally pleading with Mr. Governor to ensure the completion of the new High Court Complex at Aguleri. The Otuocha High Court needs at least four court halls that are functioning to its full capacity,” he said. (


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